Housing and Shelter

Crafting a comprehensive policy for providing our unhoused fellow neighbors in Alamedy County — our community’s most vulnerable residents — with decent housing fit for the shelter of human beings.

  • Collaborate with business and community partners to produce more affordable homes and preserve existing affordable units 
  • Work across the region to address the housing crisis with the Bay Area Black Housing Fund to create a $500m fund to provide down payment assistance and housing preservation and development
  • Establish robust protections from unaffordable rent increases and unfair evictions
  • Support an improved equity-based implementation policy for how the County’s encampments are supported and managed 
  • Increasing support for Oakland’s Rental Assistance Program, Emergency Housing Vouchers, Emergency housing with Oakland Housing Authority 
  • Convert blighted properties into permanently affordable housing
  • Creating a rental registry which creates transparency about how many units are owned, how much is charged and how many are vacant