Equitable Economic Opportunity

We are one of the biggest economic engines in California, and a community rich in intellectual and cultural assets. Let’s make access to a meaningful job or business opportunity a reality for all who are prepared to take it on.

  • Workforce Development to help interested residents develop an array of work skills so they can thrive and help boost the local economy. 
    • Bolster the community’s job training and entrepreneurship opportunities
    • Ensure equitable participation of women and minority-owned businesses in the community’s procurements and development agreements
    • Create municipal incentives for a BIPOC tech and green tech hub in Alameda County to attract venture capital and technology sector investment in the local economy.
    • Includes expanded efforts from the Port of Oakland through the Master Project Labor Agreement and Hire Oakland First Policy, Airport Expansion, and ongoing real estate development, and A’s development 
    • Increase financial and community support for Alameda County’s emerging arts districts
  • Improve access to capital through innovative approaches. Local control, local power, and local benefits! 
    • Establish a public bank that is legally obligated to operate in the interest of the community as a whole, not private shareholders.
    • Secure a local cryptocurrency to empower local communities for financial and social growth. 
    • Create an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD), which can be used to fund local economic development projects through tax increment financing
    • Leverage federal and state funding for equity-enhancing initiatives to attract underrepresented business enterprises to invest in the community’s post-pandemic revitalization