Arts, Culture and Healing

Alameda County has always had a vibrant arts community as a national hub for artivism (art+activism). How can we centralize art at the center of our communal healing process, and use art as a lens to engage these other pertinent issues?

  • Increase financial and community support for Alameda County’s emerging arts districts
  • Organize an Art Summit in collaboration with the Arts Commission and local arts and cultural groups to show how art can change how a city looks and feels
  • Engage healing practitioners and create working relationships with community-based organizations across a range of practices including music making, somatics and movement, storytelling, visual arts production, drama therapy and spoken word
  • Create awareness of the impact of generational trauma and how connections to ancestral knowledge, cultural practices as “medicine” and activism’s role in community and individual wellness
  • Facilitate spaces for collective healing, inspired by the Alice Street Documentary Film, artists of the Black Panther Party and others.